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Stools make the house

Stools are perhaps the most underrated and yet most practical furnishings inside a home. But not all stools are created equal. With such a large range of stools available, it can be tough to choose the perfect one. The trick with stools is to know the décor and theme you already have, then work from there.

Why stools?

Stools are fantastic for adding a casual and practical element to any room. Stools can help turn a kitchen into a home-based café or a living room into a party space. Functional and fuss-free, they store away easily and can be whipped out to accommodate extra guests. They also take up far less room than a traditional chair, meaning you can make more of your space. Stools are also great for quick, short meals by the kitchen bench or even pulled up beside the dining table.

The right stools for your home

House of Home has scores of stools for you to choose from, so where do you start? You’ll need to think comfort, size in proportion to your room’s space, and overall aesthetic. Metal can work well for counter stools in a kitchen – they’re easy to clean and affordable, and can add a slick industrial or modern touch. A mesh style with a back can offer maximum comfort without appearing overwhelming in your space. Wicker and rattan can give a fantastic holiday, tropical feel, while wood can give a rustic element or complement a country environment.

Functionality over fashion

So you’ve found a stool that has the right look and fits into your décor. But you’re only halfway there – you’ll need to also make sure they can do their job correctly. Once you’ve considered what they’re made of, you’ll need to ensure they’re the right height for the table or bench, so make sure you’ve got your measurements at hand. You’ll also need to consider how many stools will fit, and ensure you don’t have so many that they look cluttered. Also, durability is important, and you may want to consider whether a swivel function is necessary and whether your stools need arms or backrests.

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