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Steam mops: which one is right for you?

The steam mop is an essential addition to any household that is looking for a new, more convenient way of mopping. But, with a variety of choices, one can often be left wondering what the differences between the models mean. There are a few main ones we can explore now:

Single, or multi-purpose

Are you looking solely to clean sealed hard surfaces, or do you need something that is able to reach areas a steam mop can't? Some models include a handheld steam cleaner for spaces such as the bathroom, or the kitchen. If you do require both functions, it will generally be cheaper to buy them together. A multi-purpose steam mop makes this option available to you.

Power and capacity

Will you be using the steam mop to clean an extensive area? Then you might want to opt for a steam mop with more power and a larger water tank to ensure that you can complete the job in one go. Contrarily, if it's only a small area, then you may not need the power and capacity of higher range models. Consider what exactly you're looking to achieve, and what model would best be suited to achieve it.

The benefits

Apart from efficiency, why choose a steam mop over traditional methods? Well, there a number of benefits a steam mop provides, including keeping your concrete polished floor shining. On top of this, they will not cause a chemical smell, have a far quicker drying time, and do not require the replacement of water every time they are used.

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