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Pentablock Stacked Stone

The Pentablock stacked stone system offers a unique interlocking construction method that is perfect for residential and commercial construction projects such as retaining walls, swimming pools, fencing and more.

House of Home stocks an exciting selection of Pentablock products, available to purchase in store or online with delivery to your door. It’s easy to install, lightweight yet durable and visually stunning.

It’s available in a range of materials such as granite, basalt, quartz and soft or hard limestone. But which type of stone should you choose?

Pentablock stacked stone varieties:

• Granite: Igneous rock that withstands the test of time. It’s rich in colour, with several different tones shining through.

• Basalt: Volcanic rock, typically available in grey to black shades that is fine grained.

• Limestone: Sedimentary rock which is long lasting and low maintenance. Limestone retains its strength and colour.

• Quartz: Multi-purpose natural stone that is durable, and slip and stain resistant. Quartz can be used for both interior and exterior features.

Why choose the Pentablock stacked stone system?

It’s a patented design with rebate joint and dry stack mortar-less construction, saving time, money, and mess around your site as there is no need for wet concrete.

The Pentablock stacked stone construction system has many benefits, such as the materials are up to 25% stronger than other traditional masonry options, and the construction time is 75% faster than traditional construction methods. Pentablock stacked stone is also conveniently cyclone rated, and is incredibly easy to install, even for novice DIY-ers.