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Sofa Bed


Sofa Beds for Sale at House of Home

When visiting family and friends means you need extra beds, but maybe a spare bedroom isn’t an option — explore the selection of sofa beds for sale at House of Home. You’ll find a wide range of sofa beds from Australia’s favourite furniture stores — sofa beds suitable for numerous styles of décor, from contemporary to transitional to traditional.

Why every home needs a sleeper bed

Space Saving

Sofa beds are a big space saver, so they’re particularly convenient for homes that don’t have a spare room for guests. Sofa beds are the greatest home multi-tasker. A sofa by day, a bed by night, and nobody would be any the wiser either way.

Better for Guests

Sofa beds really do offer your guests a good night’s sleep, something that is not going to happen on a couch (no matter how spacious or luxurious it feels to recline on!). Waking up with a bad back or a neck cramp is uncomfortable for the guest and embarrassing for their host.

All Types of Sofa Beds:

When it comes to choosing a sofa bed there are so many options - from Australian made sofabeds to European designer sofa bed options; from a full couch size right down to a small and compact ottoman sofa bed design.

Here we run through some of the most popular styles:

Single Sofa Bed

These are small compact couches or benches by day, transforming into a single bed when your guest arrives in need of a bed. You can even get sofa beds that are ottomans or armchairs when not in use. Definitely for singles only though, and probably not particularly comfortable if you are a larger person.

Queen Size Sofa Bed

While the majority of sofa beds available in Australia today are closer in size to a double bed there are some models that open out closer to a standard queen size bed. The additional room will make a much more comfortable guest bed if you have a couple staying. Often too, its easier to find bed linen to suit your sofa bed, as Queen Sized beds are much more popular generally.

Designer Sofa Bed

Sofa beds have come a long way in the last few years. There is a range we love out of Denmark called Innovation Living that are just beautiful sofas – clean lines, contemporary styling with a hint of mid-century. The fact that they double as sofa beds is just an added advantage.

Futon Sofa Bed

Whenever I hear the term ‘futon’ it immediately takes me back to uni days. But that being said, a futon is a great flexible piece of furniture that easily does double duty as both a sofa and guest bed. Futon mattresses are quite firm and sit quite low to the ground, so they might not be suitable for all of your guests.

Need a cheap sofa bed?

A sofa bed might be one of those pieces of furniture that you don’t use often, so you might be tempted to spend less on the purchase. Two quick things to consider – if your sofa bed will be out of the way in a spare room and not used as a couch regularly then just make sure that it is really comfortable as a bed. If your sofa bed is going to do double time and be used regularly as a couch as well, then spend the extra money to make sure you get something that’s comfortable and will last.

The most comfortable sofa bed ever?

This is a tough question to answer. What makes a comfortable bed is such a personal thing – some people like soft beds, while others prefer firm. Our tip is to try and lie on the sofa bed when it’s opened up as a guest bed. Move about – make sure there is good support, no lumps, bumps or cracks, and that its long enough.

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