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Get ready for slow cooker deliciousness

Just before you go to bed, you can quickly get everything together you need, put it in the slow cooker dish and store it in the fridge. Then put it in the slow cooker before you leave for work and get ready for deliciousness once you get home.

Another big benefit of using a slow cooker is that not only will it thrive on cheaper cuts of meat like shoulders or thighs, but the slow cooker process will bring out all of that flavour that permeates through the entire meal, including your vegetables. Yum.

Meals cooked in a slow cooker are healthy

Meals cooked in a slow cooker are also healthy, as you won't need to add oil or fat. So you can really trim a lot of the fat from the meat and create a truly healthy dinner for the whole family that is still delicious.

And don't worry about leaving it on all day while you're at work - slow cookers are safe, the heat involved is very low, and meals prepared in a slow cooker actually taste better the longer they have been cooking on a low heat setting.

Don't bother the slow cooker!

And if you are at home, don't bother the slow cooker! They are designed so that you don't need to do anything once the lid is sealed and your recipe is bubbling away. Just lay the table and get ready to enjoy the delicious food made by you and your slow cooker.