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Sliding Door Tracks & Barn Door Tracks

Selecting the right sliding door track will mean you never regret your decision to fill your doorway with a sliding door. Sliding doors can either be stylishly solid, such as those made of polished or weathered wood, or panelled or combined with glass so as to let stirring natural light and heat into your room.

The practical sliding door track

Some of the other practical benefits of sliding doors, kept running smoothly and reliably with a stylish sliding door track, can be overlooked. They are designed so that a door can be firmly closed or left partially open, regulating the temperature in your room in either summer or winter in an energy-efficient way.

Sliding door tracks for an efficient home

The right sliding door track will not only ensure your sliding door gets the ambient temperature right in your room, but it will also act as a more efficient sound and weather barrier, keeping noises but also drafts, dirt and moisture where it belongs.

Sliding door openings also look great and can provide large, panoramic views from one room to the next - such as from your home to your beautiful outdoor space and garden landscapes.

The stylish sliding door track design

Top of the range sliding door tracks are always sleek, slick and contemporary designs, harmonising with the interior decorating and architectural style of your home or commercial space. A quality sliding door track from House of Home is also the right choice for your premises' security, as they are strong and durable. They will also take the strain out of opening and closing your doorways, with a sleek sliding door track ensuring your door glides effortlessly over the rails.

Now you've got your perfect sliding door track, find out which kind of matching door handle you'll need.