Single Robe Hook


Single robe hooks add the little touches that make your house a home

Little touches make a house a home

Often it's the little touches that make a house perfect. Perhaps it's the piece of art by the front door that ushers you in, the fine china your mother gave you that makes your daily Earl Grey tea taste just perfect or those fluffy towels that are still warm after a session in the spin dryer.

There are also the little things that make life run smoothly. Things like the bowl you always leave your keys in so you'll know where to find them, the little pot of rouge that doubles as eye shadow to shorten your morning routine or the handy single robe hook that keeps your silk robe right where you need it on the bathroom door after you take your morning shower.

Single robe hooks can keep your bathroom tidy

Whether you have a small or a large family, the bathroom is one of the heaviest traffic areas in the home, and can be one of the most difficult to keep tidy. Installing a single robe hook on the bathroom door for each family member can help to keep your bathroom tidy by providing a handy place to hang clothing or extra towels.

A variety of beautiful finishes

At House of Home we have a wide range of contemporary and classic single robe hooks available in a selection of quality finishes. Whether you are looking for a robe hook in polished chrome, mirrored chrome, stainless steel or ceramic, we have a finish to match any décor.

European styling

Many of our single robe hooks are designed and crafted in Europe, providing that European flair and style that many of us crave for our abode. Some brands have an extensive range of bathroom products such as sinks and tap ware, so you can perfect the look of your bathroom with a fully matching suite, including the perfect robe hook.

Quality Australian manufacturing

If you are looking specifically for products manufactured in Australia, you will not be disappointed. A selection of our single robe hooks are manufactured here, some providing a one year warranty.

Browse House of Home's incredibly wide and very stylish range of single robe hooks for a simple little way to improve your life.

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