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Single Heated Bathroom Towel Rail


Add some warmth to your bathroom with a single heated towel rail

Comfort and safety

Your bathroom should be a place you can feel clean and comfy in - it should give you the energy to face the day, or revitalise you when it's over. There's nothing worse than enjoying a wonderful hot shower or bath, only to step out and wrap yourself in a cold towel. On cold days, we've all been guilty of dragging in the standing gas heater to warm our towels but deep in our hearts we know it's not safe to be using electronics so close to water, and particularly not if children are going to be using the room. So keep yourself warm without risking an accident. Invest in comfort and safety with one of the great range of single heated towel rails at House of Home.

Practical and energy efficient

In addition to being a safe, family-friendly choice, our single heated towel rails are also the energy efficient choice. Designed to provide maximum heating with minimum energy expenditure, they don't compromise on efficiency - able to heat within minutes, they'll save you time and energy. So unlike the standing heaters, they won't send your electricity bill through the roof, which means they're good for your budget and also good for the environment! Why spend more when you could have the same comfort for a fraction of the price?

Style and elegance

What's more, the wide range of single heated towel rails at House of Home aren't just practical, they're also incredibly stylish. With options in matte black, polished chrome, and stainless steel, there's sure to be something that sets off the look of your bathroom just right. And it's so easy - House of Home has a collection of products to buy in-store or online, from guaranteed retailers all over Australia. All you have to do is choose!

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