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Single Bathroom Towel Rail


Single towel rails: adding practicality and style

Keep your bathroom neat and tidy, easily

If your bathroom seems constantly messy, look at why that might be happening. In most cases, mess simply shows us which necessary items we haven't devoted storage to, and can be minimised or done away with completely simply by making sure that everything in your bathroom has its own designated place. So stop hanging your towel over the side of the shower glass to dry, or sitting it on top of the toilet cover while you wash, and explore the range of elegant single towel rails at House of Home. The simple addition of one of these can make your bathroom more functional without costing you any extra space or forcing you to compromise on the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Stylish and elegant

No mess doesn't have to mean hiding everything in cupboards, and style doesn't have to mean impracticality. Combine the two with one of our single towel rails and give your towel a place to hang, whether it's wet or dry, that won't make your bathroom look less elegant. With a range of smooth and geometric styles and finishes including brass, ceramic, chrome, black, mirror, and stainless steel, you can be sure to find one to match to your existing aesthetic. Or if you're overhauling your bathroom, you can find complementary products throughout our range of bathroom items, such as towel rings for your hand towels, bathroom accessory sets, grab bars, and even inbuilt soap dispensers.

And it's never been easier to make the change than it is now with House of Home. Our online store showcases a huge range of products from guaranteed retailers all over Australia, and gives you the option to buy online or in-store - whichever is most convenient to you. All you have to do is decide which of our beautiful products is right for your home.

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