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Should you buy silk rugs?

What do silk rugs look like?

The biggest drawcard of a silk rug is its stunning appearance. Unlike other fibres, silk has a shimmering quality. Add it to a room that's looking a tad lacklustre and you'll see a transformation. Some silk rugs make for beautiful wall hangings.

Where should I place a silk rug?

Silk rugs are popular for their looks, rather than their toughness. They're more delicate than wool or cotton rugs. So, definitely don't place yours in the romper room, where it'll be stomped on all day long! Instead, find a spot where your rug will be admired from afar - and foot traffic will be kept to a minimum. A guest room reserved for special occasions or a parlour is ideal.

Is a silk rug hard to clean and maintain?

If you're thoughtful about where you place your silk rug, you should be able to avoid nasty stains and premature wear. As far as regular cleaning goes, your best bet is to use a vacuum, without a brush head, every now and again. There's no need to clean a silk rug every week.

Should any accidental spills occur, deal with them immediately, using club soda or white distilled vinegar, mixed 1:1 with water. Whatever you do, avoid using chemicals, as they can cause damage over time. And, if you're in any way concerned, call in a professional cleaner.

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