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Find the shower that’s right for you

Find the perfect shower product for your bathroom or ensuite from stockists across Australia, available through House of Home.

From shower heads, bases, drainage, and water filters, to shower screens and entire shower units, House of Home has everything you need to complete your bathroom.

You can browse by shower type, shower enclosures, and shower head types.

Once thought of as a more practical product for your home, showers are now incorporating more luxurious elements into their design and styling and as such there are now so many more options available when designing your bathroom than ever before. Showers now not only offer optimal water efficiency, but also a moment for indulgence.

Which shower type will suit your bathroom?

Before choosing your shower type, you should consider if you would prefer an entire shower unit, or a wet room style shower. Also known as a walk-in shower, wet rooms are an area of your bathroom with a glass screen to complete a shower enclosure. Wet rooms are popular not only for their lavish look, but also for the fact that you can have multiple shower heads, a larger showering area, as well as improved accessibility. They are a great option for those with mobility issues who have trouble stepping into a shower unit, or need more space in their shower.

Choosing a shower head

There is a shower head to suit any budget, style preference and shower size. The range of shower heads at House of Home includes wall-mounted, hand-held, shower roses, and rain showers.

Wall mounted heads are fixed to the wall of a shower. Hand-held heads are also fixed to the wall of a shower, but are attached to a rail, which can be adjusted depending on the showers height. A hand held head also provides additional reach with a connected hose, so you can wash the kids, dog or yourself with ease.

A shower rose makes for a memorable shower experience. Typically fixed to the ceiling of a shower, a shower rose is one large head that provides a downpour effect. Rain showers are very similar, also positioned above your head to create an overwhelming shower sensation.

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