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Shower wastes: the unsung hero of your bathroom

Shower wastes, sometimes known as shower grates, are almost always an afterthought when it comes to completing the look of your bathroom. The shower waste has two important aspects, though: functionality and visual appeal. Let's take a good look at both of these facets.


Let's face it, drains are a hassle to maintain. There is nothing more annoying than a poorly maintained shower waste that attracts grime and hairs. If you've ever had to use drain cleaner or a plunger, you can appreciate the importance of a shower waste. Our assortment of shower wastes are ideal for mitigating grime and blockages; however, it's always a good idea to maintain a consistent shower-cleaning regime, because no shower waste in the world is clean forever, no matter how shiny it was when you first installed it.

Visual appeal

A shower waste that works well is often taken for granted, but a shower waste that works but has no visual appeal can really make or break the overall look of a bathroom. To most people, a shower waste that blends in harmoniously with the rest of the shower is the cherry on the cake. Complementary colours or materials work best, and sometimes it is worth spending a little bit extra if it means you're going to have a shower waste that not only works well, but looks nice too.

Although some may consider thinking about shower wastes in any depth to be a waste of time, just remember that, in most instances, a waste will be in your shower for decades; you want to get it right the first time, because buying and installing a new one is one extra headache nobody wants to deal with.

Shower wastes from House of Home

When considering which shower waste is the most suitable for your shower, make sure you take a sufficient amount of time to prioritise both functionality and visual appeal before price, and remember that a shower waste will ideally last you a lifetime.

Browse the wide selection of shower wastes available from Australia's leading retailers here at House of Home, and find one that suits your needs perfectly.

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