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Shower Wall Liners


Save time and money with shower wall liners

Shower wall liners are super easy to clean, and keep clean, saving you time and money. They are also much cheaper than tiles, and because you can install shower wall liners yourself, this means you can avoid having to pay a professional tiler that would usually have to do the job for you.

Installing tiles also requires more maintenance than wall liners, from having to purchase especially designed grout-cleaning products, paying for re-grouting, and needing to replace chipped tiles. Whereas wall liners can be cleaned with bathroom cleaning products that you already have.

Will it suit my bathroom style?

Although tiles have the ability to add an interesting feature to your bathroom, they can also actually make your bathroom look smaller if the tiles are too busy. Also grout lines can hinder the overall look of the bathroom, especially with the build up of hard to clean soap scum, making your bathroom look untidy.

Wall liners do the opposite, providing clean, bright, white walls that will make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter. The range at House of Home suits all style bathrooms, and is at least 2mm thick to ensure durability and to protect your wall from moisture.

Now you've found your perfect shower wall liner, discover your matching shower shelf.