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Shower units with style

A shower unit to look forward to

Another working day, another shower to begin it. But imagine looking forward to experiencing that cascade of water – and not wanting to leave!

There’s something undeniably indulgent about a high quality shower unit, where it’s more than just about getting clean, it’s about relaxing and enjoying the experience.

House of Home’s range of shower units have been selected with style and comfort in mind, so whatever you choose, a great showering experience is guaranteed.

The design advantages of shower units

In the past, a shower was often little more than a perforated tap above a bath or a tiled area with a drain. But high quality shower units have become integral to the design of modern bathrooms, with an enormous range of styles and models to choose from.

Sleek, all glass units with modern fixtures, frameless diamond showers, double doors and rainwater heads – the list goes on and on.

House of Home has a shower to suit every bathroom taste, from the simplest and most elegant standalones to ornate units fit for any budget. We also offer a comprehensive bathroom design consultation service that can help bring your dream design to life.

Shower units that save water and power

Luxury need not come at a price though. Advances in design have created modern shower units that deliver unparalleled comfort while also using less water and power.

The high build quality of every shower unit House of Home offers also ensures that repairs are rare and maintenance is easy, making your bathroom more efficient and reliable.

Shower units to suit every taste

Double doors or single. Curved glass, diamond glass or straight up and down. House of Home has a wide range of shower unit styles with tasteful fixtures to suit every interior design style and budget. All you have to do is pick one – and then enjoy it!

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