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Shower Seat


Unwind and refresh with a shower seat

If you or someone you know has limited mobility, perhaps due to age or a disability, you'll know how stressful showering and bathing can be. Getting in the shower and remaining stood up while washing your body and hair can be a huge challenge - one that can take a lot of effort and time, and put a strain on your body. You may also have the worry that you'll slip or fall and hurt yourself in the process. This can make the prospect of a shower unappealing.

But using your shower should be a relaxing experience, which is where a shower seat can help. With one of these seats attached to the wall, you can sit down comfortably and safely while you shower. You can reach for the shower gel and shampoo with peace of mind, and take your time getting clean and fresh, without worrying about potential accidents or needing assistance.

Showering to unwind

Shower seats aren't just for people with limited mobility though; if you simply want to de-stress completely while in the shower, a seat can help with that. Perhaps you don't have a bathtub but would enjoy sitting down while bathing - a shower seat would be ideal for you in this case. Plus, with modern designs available and only the highest quality materials used, you can trust that your shower seat will look great too. It will take the strain off your feet and complement the rest of your bathroom.

Browse the best shower seats

At House of Home, we provide a huge range of furniture and accessories for the home, sourced from the best Australian retailers and available to buy both online and in-store. Browse our selection of shower seats today to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

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