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Shower Screens


Shower screens

Shower screens are an essential item for your walk-in shower enclosure. Popular for their luxurious and stylish look, walk-in showers allow for multiple shower heads (perfect for a couples bathroom), as well as greater accessibility and room for seating for those who have mobility issues.

Once your walk-in shower enclosure is tiled, you’ll need to decide on a shower screen in order to stop the water spraying everywhere!

Custom made shower screens:

The impressive range of shower screens at House of Home has something to suit all requirements. They can be custom made to exactly match your measurements and you can choose from framed, semi framed or frameless.

You can decide the thickness of the screen, as well as the width and height of each panel. The measurement ranges for each are below:

Thickness: 6 – 60 mm

Width: 10 – 247 cm

Height: 28 – 247 cm

Already have a shower screen and just want to replace a panel?

If you already have a shower screen and you just want to replace a certain part, you can browse our range of fixed panels, doors only, doors with a fixed panel or door with multiple fixed panels. You’ll also find a number of sliding doors, which is a great option if space is limited in your bathroom.

Looking after your shower screen:

Be sure to pick up a bathroom squeegee – using this after showering is the best way to keep your screen looking clean.

Pair your new screen with a stylish shower grate and luxurious function showerhead.

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