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Shower Grates


Shower grates: A stylish alternative to ugly plugholes

With a sleek and modern look, shower grates suit any bathroom décor, both classic and contemporary. They’re easy to clean and are visually stunning.

House of Home has an extensive selection of shower grates to choose from, so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs. Order online, click and collect or head in store to see for yourself.

Shower grates sit flush with the shower tiles, and so they are great options for those with young children or for those who are mobility impaired. They provide seamless and undisturbed access into the shower enclosure and make it easy to also position a chair inside the shower for those who need it.

The straight lines and minimalist look have made shower grates an increasingly popular option for newly renovated bathrooms. They can be positioned against the wall, in the centre or even at the entrance of your shower enclosure.

Some also have tile insert areas, so you can add your own tiles on top of the shower grate for a smooth and uninterrupted look.

Tips for choosing a shower grate:

• First choose the positioning of your shower grate – if you want to place against the wall, a standard grate is ideal. If you want to place it in the centre go for the tiled insert option.

• Ensure it is Watermark approved for the highest quality and durability.

• Measure the area you wish to place your shower grate – our selection ranges from 50mm to 1800mm. Your shower grate can be custom built to suit your requirements.

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