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Shower Foot Rest


Shower foot rests make showering easier

Do you shave your legs in the shower but are finding it increasingly uncomfortable to do so? Do you end up with nicks and cuts when you’re finished with the job, leaving the shower without the perfect shave? If this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time to invest in a shower foot rest.

Put your safety first

A shower foot rest helps you to shave in a more secure position, putting your safety first. No need to worry about slipping and falling, with the shower foot rest you can shave your legs with the utmost ease.

Sturdy and built with grip

The last thing you want is a shower foot rest that breaks underneath your weight. We guarantee this won’t happen with our shower foot rests, as they are designed to take a heavy load, no matter what you put on it.

And there’s no need to concern yourself about the rest sliding out from under you either. Our shower foot rests have maximum grip, preventing accidents from happening in the shower.

Waterproof and long-lasting

Our shower foot rests are completely water and steam proof, meaning that no matter how many showers you decide to take, your rest will remain looking like new. Forget rust or the plastic cracking, the shower foot rest is designed to last.

Built at the right height

Our shower foot rests are built to suit the average person, meaning that, although they are one size fits all, they are most likely to suit your height when you shower. This means no more uncomfortable bending or twisting, risking looking like a contortionist in your own bathroom! Now you can shower and shave more effectively.

More options for storage

When you’re not using your shower foot rest, you can use it in other ways. Not simply a place to rest your feet, you may also choose to rest your toiletries on it. Make your shower a less cluttered space, with more options for storage.

At House of Home we stock a range of shower foot rests to make your morning routine a breeze. Take the hassle out of shaving your legs and make your shower time a restful and relaxing few moments for you.

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