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Don't throw your money down the drain; buy our drains instead!

Why are drains so important for my bathroom?

You might think that drains are a superficial element when compared to the other magnificent installations which take pride of place in your grandiose bathroom, but of course, drains are a vital and practical factor in any working washing facility. How else is the water from your shower or bath going to escape? A good bathroom drain should be able to do this job effectively, but why should it have to be ugly in the process? At House of Home, we firmly believe that we can provide you with a number of options, to ensure you get the drain cover that tops off the aesthetic of your bathroom perfectly.

Things to consider when buying bathroom drains

Whether your bathroom boasts a conventional shower or bath, or takes the form of a wet room, you’ll want a drain that fits in with the overall design of your facilities, first and foremost. Other considerations include: is it safe, does it do its job and how easy is it going to be to clean and maintain? Stainless steel drains can meet all four of these requirements, if you have a modern bathroom, but we also have other options available, including plastic and cast iron covers. You might also want to consider whether you want to opt for mesh, strainer or a grid style of drain cover.

We have the best bathroom drains for you and your bathroom

Now you know why an attractive, functional drain is vital for your bathroom, why not check out the full range of what we have to offer? We source our products from a number of respected and upstanding bathroom shops, based all around the country, to ensure you can choose the drain that suits you – and your bathroom – best.

Discover how having an ineffective drain is one of the 6 biggest bathroom mistakes and how a touch of metallics in your bathroom drain can add an interesting element to your bathroom.