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Shower Drainage


Shower drainage

Shower grates

Shower grates are a long, thin drain that seamlessly integrates into your shower floor, making accessibility super easy. They can be as long as the length of your shower floor and are visually stunning – perfect for the modern bathroom.

Shower drains and wastes

Shower drains and wastes are smaller, usually square or round drains that also sit flush with your shower floor. This is especially ideal for those with mobility issues, as wheelchairs and stools can sit comfortably in the shower.

Shower drains and wastes come is some amazing designs to really add the wow factor to your bathroom. Choose from tulip, daisy, heart, and minimalist designs, as well as circle and square pattern options.

How do I choose between a shower grate, drain or waste?

Choosing between a shower grate, or a shower waste or drain really depends on the size of your shower and where you would like it to be positioned.

Shower drains are better for bigger showers with more floor space and are neatly positioned along a side of the shower floor. Shower drains and wastes are better suited to smaller showers or for those who wish to position it in the centre of the shower floor.

All offer an uninterrupted, smooth surface on your shower floor, and the many designs suit both traditional and modern bathrooms.

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