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A bathroom essential: the shower caddy

Why a shower caddy is an important buy

There's nothing worse than attempting to shower whilst not only being tripped up by body and hair products perched on ledges or laying on the floor, but also constantly having to bend down with soap in your eyes to find the bottle you need. It can be a serious time waster and look unattractive and disorganised.

Equally so, it can also be extremely off-putting for guests visiting and using the shower to have to be confronted with a messy and cluttered shower they are expected to clean in. Organisation is key and this is why a shower caddy is an absolute must-buy for your bathroom. It's perfect for housing all those shower essentials - shampoos, conditioners, body gels and scrubs, soaps and skincare products. And our range is perfect for you.

Our eclectic range

House of Home's ever-expanding range of shower caddies is sure to impress. You'll find caddies from our teak range - something you are sure not to find anywhere else.

Say goodbye to the days of owning a cheap plastic caddy that can easily break, or a metal caddy that rusts over time in the shower; our teak caddies are reminiscent of a tropical Balinese outdoor shower setting, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Available to suit varying budgets and shower sizes, the teak caddies are available in a long rectangular version or a wide, oval unit. Regardless of which you choose, you will be thrilled with your new shower caddy that requires no adhesion or attachment to the shower wall. Just hang it in place over your shower head and you're all set.

At House of Home, we pride ourselves on showcasing only top-quality, long-lasting, unique products that aren't just your run-of-the-mill bathroom accessories. Shop now and start experiencing the ease a shower caddy brings to your morning routine.

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