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Shower Bases


Standard Square, Rectangular and Corner Shower Bases for Every Bathroom

Whether you’re a homeowner renovating many rooms or remodelling just your bath, or you’re a contractor adding a shower to a newly built home, you know picking the right shower base is essential. No matter your goal, you’ll find the perfect one on our carefully curated marketplace. Browse through pages of shower bases close to Melbourne and available for immediately delivery or pick-up.

How Important Is the Type of Shower Base You Choose?

The right shower base will fit snugly against the floor and resist leaking, breaking and cracking. Remember that all shower bases — from large shower bases to small shower bases — need to be built for longevity. It’s critical you find the ideal material for your shower base, which is customarily ceramic or steel enamel for those who prefer high-end shower flooring.

Find a Shower Base That Highlights Your Unique Style

The shower base has finally stepped into the world of beauty! In fact, some of the elegant shower bases at House of Home are truly dramatic. They’ll add a taste of class and a flair for the unusual to your home. It doesn’t matter if you want your bathroom to exude modernity, or your tastes run a little into the retro sphere: You can find a shower base in Melbourne.

Small Spaces Deserve Exceptional Shower Bases, Too!

Just because your bath is small in size doesn’t mean it has to be small in ambiance. At House of Home, you’ll find small shower base units that are just as impressive as their larger counterparts. While their footprint is modest, their impact is strong.

Enjoy Long-term Value

It’s a smart idea to always factor in the long-term value you want to get from any shower base, whether it’s a traditional square model or a modern rectangle suitable for a two-person open shower. As you explore the variety of price ranges available on large and small shower bases at House of Home, it’s wise to go with your upper limit. This will ensure you get quality that will endure for years.

Remodel Your Bath for a Boost in Home Value

Have you considered investing in a bathroom renovation project as a way to boost the real estate value of your home? This is a wise decision! By remodelling your bathroom, you may be able to sell your property for a higher price. Consider the type of shower base that will appeal to most. Plastic shower bases tend to attract residue and look dated very quickly. Ceramic shower bases are more pleasing to the eye. Browse our online marketplace to discover more!

No matter what style you are going for, check out our guide to Bathroom Essentials.