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Shower Arms


Shower arms

Shower arms are the pipe connection between the wall and the showerhead. They’re a perfect addition to any shower, especially for those with a showerhead needing extra height.

House of Home has an extensive range of shower arms available to purchase in store, through click and collect or order online with delivery to your door. Browse the range by WELS rating, shape and finish.

There are two main types of shower arms:

Wall mount: these shower arms are fixed to the wall, with a range of shapes available to add extra height so you can wash more than just your shoulders. These shower arms come in a range of shapes, including S shape, rounded and straight.

Ceiling mount: fixed to a ceiling, these shower arms are most commonly used with a rain showerhead for the ultimate luxury experience. These are a great option for contemporary styled bathrooms. These shower arms are typically straight.

Shower arm pre-purchase checklist:

• Check your pipe connections – you’ll need to ensure the arm connects perfectly with your pipefittings.

• Choose between rounded or square shaped shower arms. Consider your current bathroom fittings when choosing between the two.

• After choosing a shower arm, you’ll then need to choose a showerhead. Choose a showerhead that will best suit the shape of the shower arm. For example, if you choose a rounded shower arm, choose a circle showerhead.

• Consider the finishes available and what would best suit your current fittings. Finishes include black, brass, brushed chrome, or chrome.

View the range of showerheads and shower screens available at House of Home to complete your shower.

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