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Decorate Your Home With Shag Rugs

Does the idea of warming up your home with soft décor excite you? Have you been looking for a versatile type of floor covering that will bring together any interior design? You may want to consider looking at shag rugs for sale. Shag rugs are useful in almost any room of the house and come in a wide range of sizes.

What to Look for in a Shag Rug

What are some of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a shag rug? First, you should always look at how much pile the rug has. The pile is the height of the fibres. A shag rug will naturally have some pile, but they will often be higher than others. A higher pile will feel plusher under your feet, but be aware that you may have to spend more time cleaning it. Vacuums cannot always accommodate very high piles, and the fibres could wind up being sucked into the vacuum container, which could hurt the shape, texture and pattern of the rug.

Next, you want to look at the materials used to make the shag rugs. Shag rugs can come in a variety of materials, including microfibres and suedes. The overall appearance of the rug will change depending on the materials. For instance, a suede piece may have a smoother look overall, whereas a microfibre might seem softer from a visual perspective.

Finally, you’ll need to determine the correct dimensions for your shag rug. Even if you fall in love with a certain shag rug, it has to fit to become part of your home design scheme. Measure your space carefully so you know exactly the size shag rug you’ll need.

Shag Rugs for Sale in Multiple Colours

One of the beautiful aspects of shag rugs is that they come in a multitude of colours. You’ll find shag rugs in shades of beige, brown, cream, red, black, ivory, pink and more. In some cases, a shag rug may contain numerous colours that come together in a definitive or abstract pattern. This is where the height of the shag rug pile will come into play — a higher pile can muddy up the look of a very specific pattern. On the other hand, some abstract patterns work better in an extremely shaggy rug.

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Care for Your Shag Rugs

If your shag rug is small enough, you can plan to shake it off outside about once a week. This will help remove the debris from it and reduce the need for vacuuming. Should you spill liquid or solids on the shag rug, use the right cleanser for the rug material. Hire a professional rug cleaner if the stain will not come out on its own.

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