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Semi Recessed Basins


Add a modern yet timeless touch with semi recessed basins

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a sense of style that won’t fade with the years, consider one of the semi recessed basins at House of Home. With a collection of designs, including basins that are flush with the counter top as well as ones that protrude partially or sit completely above it, there are basins to suit every bathroom design. With simple and elegant finishes that won’t wear away or become stained, the basins showcased are truly timeless. There is an incredible variety of shapes and styles so that no matter the aesthetic of your bathroom, we have a sink to complement it perfectly – whether you’re looking for sharp geometric lines, or a smoother, more circular look.

Don’t compromise on function and style

Design a bathroom that will impress your guests with its combination of practicality and elegance. The sink should be a centrepiece – it’s the place your family and friends will come to freshen up and it should therefore be open and accessible for that purpose. It should be designed with clean, classic lines that are attractive and it shouldn’t be shaped in a way that allows dirt, grime, or soap scum to collect around the edges as is unavoidable with small, badly designed sinks. You don’t want to have to tuck your hands against the side of the basin in order to clean them; this completely eliminates the feeling of cleanliness and refreshment, and makes your whole bathroom feel cramped and impractical. And why not complete the look with one of House of Home’s pop down wastes, and an accessory set?

So if you want a bathroom that is stylish, practical, and welcoming, look no further than the range of semi recessed basins at House of Home. With products from a wide range of guaranteed retailers all across Australia, you can find a sink that matches your preferred look with ease. And once you’ve chosen, you have the option to buy in-store or online at your convenience.

Before you buy any basin read our buyers guide to basins.

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