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Robe Hooks and Towel Hooks


Beautiful robe hooks for any bathroom

So you’re renovating your bathroom, or maybe it’s just time to upgrade the space and make it work better. Making sure that in your bathroom design that there’s a place for everything makes a huge difference to how enjoyable it is to use every day. Yes, looks and aesthetics are important but so is storage and practicalities. Enter the humble robe hook and towel hook.

Whether it’s you or your guests using the bathroom, you will appreciate having somewhere to hang a robe or a towel. Robe hooks are most often installed on the back of the door. In our range many of the robe hooks available for your bathroom are designed with similar styling to tapware ranges, so it’s easy to match your robe hooks to your overall bathroom style.

Towel hooks are very similar to robe hooks – in fact for some brands and some people the terms refer to the same thing – maybe they should just be called bathroom hooks? Towel hooks are often installed closer to the shower or bath so that your towel is within easy reach when you are have finished bathing.

In some bathrooms towel hooks are provided in addition to towel rails. If you are aiming for minimalist bathroom styling this can look really good. The downside to only having towel hooks in your bathroom is that your towels won’t dry as well and may need to be laundered more regularly.

Unique robe hooks to express your personality

So what’s on trend with robe and towel hooks? There are three key features that we see:

  • Choose a bathroom hook finished the same finish as your tapware
  • Choose towel or robe hooks that have similar styling cues to your tapware
  • And generally, keep it discreet – towel and robe hooks aren’t really meant to be the key decorative feature of your new bathroom.

Towel Hook colours

Towel hook colours and finishes follow tapware trends, so now in addition to polished chrome and stainless steel we see towel hooks available for sale in matte black, brass and even timber.

Robe Hook Styling

Bathroom hooks are generally made as a part of a design series that includes tapware and other bathroom accessories, so finding a towel hook that’s a perfect match should be easy. If for some reason there isn’t an exact match available look for hooks that are in a similar shape to your tapware – if you’ve got square angular taps, go for a square hook; rounded and curvy tapware should be matched with similarly styled robe hooks.

Once you’ve found the colour and style of towel hook that you like, House of Home makes it easy to buy. You can order online and get it delivered to your door, click and collect and pick up instore, or enjoy shopping locally at some of our great bathroom stores.

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