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Reclining Chairs


Recliner Chairs for comfort and relaxation

A recliner chair is more than just comfort. It is a way of living. Today, you can find many different recliner chair types offering new features and a range of styles such as classical, European and modern – to name a few! Whether you are searching for a full leather recliner chair or a modern recliner, House of Home offers an endless variety of furniture in countless styles and designs.

Types of Recliners

Leather recliner chairs look solid and are durable, requiring simple and easy maintenance. Do you want to feel like a boss? Then buy a genuine leather recliner and get the maximum of comfort and style.

Electric recliner chair is a combination of smart and modern chair that will make your life easier from the first minute you sit down and curl up on it. Massage recliner chair is perfect for people with back problems or suffering stress. These chairs are equipped with special massage features that help reveal aches and pains.

Curl up in and enjoy your luxury seating with swivel recliner chair featuring reclining and swivel functions. Rocker recliner chair adds a touch of charm and elegance to any room and blends with most other types of furniture pieces. Besides that, it provides comfort with the added bonus of the rocking feature.

Modern recliner chair types are a statement in contemporary seating design. If you are looking for a comfortable yet stylish recliner chair, modern recliner might be a solution you are looking for.

Recliner chair with ottoman provides super luxury seating for a perfect end-of-day reward.

How to purchase a recliner?

Purchasing a new recliner is funny and exciting process yet very important. Consider a few things before buying a new recliner chair?

  • Consider your living space and determine the style you are looking for. Are you living in a small modern apartment or a spacious classic house? Some types of recliner chairs will fit better in small apartments, while other models are just perfect for larger spaces.

  • Sit on it. To purchase comfortable yet attractive recliner chair is like buying new shoes. The look is the very important, but comfort comes in the first place. Sit on it for over 5 minutes and ask yourself: Do you feel comfortable? Do your feet touch the floor? Does the headrest support your head and neck?

  • Define your budget. The prices of recliner chairs range from the hundreds through to the thousands. If you spend more time sitting in a recliner chair than in your bed, then invest & buy a more expensive chair, made from high quality materials and with a two or three year warranty.

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