Recliner Sofas


Relax at Home With Designer Recliner Sofas

There are few things that feel as indulgent as relaxing in a comfortable, stylish designer recliner sofa after a hard day of work or during a leisurely weekend morning. The recliner sofas you’ll find on House of Home have been custom-curated to offer you value, style and choice. No matter if your home is contemporary or provincial, you’ll find the perfect recliner sofa for your personal taste.

How to Pick the Best Recliner Sofa for Your Space

There are a number of considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for recliner sofas on our carefully curated marketplace:

  • Colour — As you might imagine, one size does not fit all when it comes to recliner sofas! This is why you’ll find a plethora of hues, including grey, navy, brown, black, green and, of course, winter white. If you’re redecorating your living space, consider how having a recliner sofa in an unexpected shade, such as red or aqua, could perk up your surroundings.

  • Material — Fabrics for today’s recliner sofas can run the gamut from leather to rattan and everything in between. In fact, some recliner sofas feature custom-created materials that are a blend of numerous common material types.

  • Pattern — Are you thinking of purchasing a recliner sofa that’s one solid colour throughout, or are you open to recliner sofas with patterns? There’s no right or wrong choice, of course — the final decision is always up to you!

  • Style — At House of Home, you’ll find recliner sofas that are classical, traditional and contemporary, but that’s not all. There are European and Scandinavian models, too.

  • Size — Recliner sofas range from very modest in size to quite large. Make sure you measure your space before making a final purchase.

How to Keep Your Recliner Sofa Looking Fantastic

Most recliner sofas need some TLC, especially leather pieces that need to be specially treated with the right products. Keep your recliner sofa looking like new by quickly wiping off any fluids or items that may cause a stain. Recliner sofas made from fabrics should be positioned away from windows to prevent fading.
Finally, always make sure to brush off crumbs or moisture if you’re eating or drinking while enjoying your recliner sofa. Remember that it’s the little things that will help you love your furniture for years!

A recliner sofa is the perfect addition to a man cave. Find more here!