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Rain Showers


Rain showers - the essential bathroom accessories

Awash with sophistication

With their chic, sleek craftsmanship and modern styling, rain showers can add a substantial degree of elegance to your bathroom décor. Alone, they provide an instant uplift to the space, while otherwise lending a beautiful finish to a new build or refurbishment. Whether round, squared, spiked, flush, big and bold or minimalist, there’s a rain shower to suit every aesthetic and enrich any home.

Overflowing with tranquillity

Aside from looking spectacular, rain showers provide a remarkably relaxing showering experience. Designed to mimic the cascade of a gentle waterfall or the luxurious feeling of warm summer rain, these fixtures generally offer softer, more soothing showering, with a broad, vertical trajectory of water. This lovely sensation isn’t one that’s usually obtained from regular shower heads, which tend to have a smaller, angled surface area leading to a narrow ‘spray’ effect.

Making the right choice for your home

There’s no doubt that rain showers make a dynamic addition to any bathroom, but how should you choose the perfect one for your home? Consider the style. Do you want to make a grand statement with an angular, contemporary look, or retain a classic, more traditional theme with a round fixture? You may also need to assess available space from a shower arm or think about whether you want the shower head plumbed in and mounted from the ceiling. Water pressure can be something to contemplate too, with the availability of rain showers with nozzles to adjust the flow.

Your dream shower awaits

Once you know the specifications of the rain shower you’re looking for, it’s time to make your selection. Browse from the quality range presented by our dependable Australian stockists, take your pick, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the sophistication and relaxation that a rain shower can bring to your home, and your day-to-day life.

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