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Rail Showers


Rail showers

Rail showers are a great addition to any shower. Offering more precise control over water flow as well as greater water efficiency, rail showers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those installing a new shower.

Many rail showers are height adjustable, and some also offer the flexibility of removing the showerhead from the rail, which is perfect for families while also making the shower easier to clean.

House of Home stocks a great selection of rail showers from premium manufacturers across Australia. Head in store to purchase, click and collect or order online with convenient delivery to your door.

There are a few different types of rail showers to choose from:

*Fixed height: * The showerhead on these rail showers is fixed in position. They are not height adjustable and the showerhead cannot be removed. While not as flexible as other options, they are really visually stunning and often are more suited to traditional style bathrooms

*Height adjustable: * The showerhead on this rail shower is height adjustable, making it a great choice for families or a house full of varying heights.

*Rail shower with hose: * The showerhead on this option is attached to a hose, with the showerhead able to be removed from the socket. A rail shower with a hose is a perfect multi-purpose shower option for busy families or those wanting more precision and water control.

Choose from a range of finishes, including antique copper, black, brass, chrome, copper, matte black, polished copper, and stainless steel.

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