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Pressed Metal

Growing up in the country, we really only came to the “big smoke” once, maybe twice a year.

I remember those trips so clearly. It was always around Christmas time as we would queue to see the famous Myer windows.

The colour, movement, smells and buzz of the city were so foreign to me that it really seemed like I was in another country.

However, of all the things that captivated my five year old mind, it would have to have been the trams.

There was hardly any traffic in the town I grew up in, least of all traffic lights.

So the thought of hoping on an old rickety tram, traveling through the city with other modes of transport bustling alongside, was like Christmas coming early!

Ding, ding, ding. Up I went the small flight of stairs, one hand holding the handrail the other my beautiful Grandpa.

Hurriedly I took a seat on the tan leather benches – still warm from the previous passenger’s journey.

I scanned all around the carriage looking at the interior.

My eyes darted up and that’s what I remember most clearly. An intricate pattern of stunning pressed metal adorned the ceiling.

As the tram departed, I recollect being mesmerised by it.

Years later I learnt that pressed metal was actually quite a common material to be used in interior applications.

Thanks to the great use of it by Sophie and Dale on The Block, it really has made a comeback in terms of a fabulous solution for splashbacks and feature walls.

Not only is it incredibly versatile given the literally hundreds of patterns it can come in but, it’s relatively straightforward to apply so the perfect solution for a weekend renovator.

Pressed Metal can be used as entire room wall cladding, like in this above powder room, to achieve an elaborate and visually striking interior.

Likewise, Pressed Metal can be used in a more discreet manner such as ceiling panel inserts to achieve a subtle, yet sophisticated, interior.

The use of Pressed Metal in this kitchen encourages the eye to look up and in turn, helps create a visual illusion that the room is actually taller, and more spacious, than it really is.

This kitchen captures how Pressed Metal can be used to create a very dramatic interior setting by cleverly combing it with other design elements.