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Pots for indoor plants


Beautiful indoor pots to give your house plants a home

Indoor pots provide a home for our house plants, which keep us relaxed and clean our air. House of Home have a vast selection of beautiful indoor pots from the best retailers in Australia, so you can decorate your plants and complement your decor.

The health benefits of house plants

It has been said that keeping house plants boosts our health and wellbeing, because they filter and clean the air we breathe, and they can even help us to relax. Aside from that, plants and flowers can be beautiful and they brighten up the home. It therefore makes sense to house our plants in fashionable indoor pots that match the decor of the room they are placed in.

Indoor pots can decorate the home and office

As you wash your dishes and look through the kitchen window, your mind may wander into your garden. Placing a plant on your kitchen window ledge brings the outdoors in, while an indoor pot can add colour. A large plant can be used to furnish a hallway or entrance, and placing a small one on your office desk can lift your mood during difficult work days. No matter which room you need an indoor pot for, they are a great way to decorate the home.

Give a plant as a gift

Plants are traditionally given as gifts when someone moves house, so if your friend or relative is about to leave their old home behind, help them to settle in with a new addition, complete with a stylish indoor pot.

Whether you want to add something extra to your own home, or you're looking for the perfect gift for someone else's, House of Home have a wide choice of indoor pots to house any plant. Browse in store or online today to find one to suit you.

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