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Add a splash of cool to your home with posters

There’s something just so urban cool about displaying posters in your home. But the posters you’ll find at House of Home are a far cry from the celebrity idols and rock bands you used to gaze up at adoringly as a teen. These posters are art forms in their own right, cutting-edge and adding some serious cred to your living environment.

Why buy posters?

The first difference you’ll notice when buying posters rather than finished or framed art is the price point – posters are certainly cheaper. But there are other differences too. Posters are a chance to relive retro and vintage advertising, historic or international propaganda, or magazine material. They’re hip and intriguing - a strange look into the world of pop culture and how that has manifested in different eras and in different countries.

For lovers of vintage and abstract

Posters are a window into an alternative world. Think images from retro vintage French museum ads. Or how about a post WWII ad from the Polish government depicting a colourful woman on a unicycle, as a way of encouraging people to get back to work? These images to us now look at odds with our culture, and that’s what makes them so special and fascinating. When you start buying posters, you become a collector of a certain kind – and it can be addictive. Posters bring history back to life, showcasing the quizzical curios that we might have otherwise forgotten about.

Choosing the right poster for you

Poster art is a lot less about choosing pieces to complement your furniture in terms of colours and aesthetic – it's much more about finding images you find arresting and curious and working from there. As tools of advertisers, posters are designed to be eye-catching and visually-appealing, so it’s simply a matter of finding what appeals to you. Perhaps try working with an era, a particular country or a certain motivation if you’d like to work to a theme.

As far as putting up your new poster, you have a range of options from simply laminating and mounting to framing with a quality border. It all depends on the vision you’re trying to create.

At House of Home, we have a huge range of posters available - from abstract graphics to magazine covers. Browse our range today to find one that perfectly fits with your personal style and home décor.

Find out how a poster can help to create a Nordic vibe in your home.