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Pool Tiles


Swimming Pool Tiles

What to consider when choosing swimming pool tiles?


The tiles that line a pool determine what colour the pool water will show up as. Light blue or aqua tiles tend to be most popular because they mimic resort swimming pools. On the other hand, black pool tiles tend to be less popular they make the water look dark and intimidating. Other than colour choice, you can also customise how the tiles are lined and even come up with a unique design of your own. This is a personal touch that people won’t miss at your next summer barbecue!


Swimming pool tiles also serve a practical purpose. They increase the durability of the pool and make the surface area easier to clean. Otherwise, dirt deposits can be found in the walls of the pool.


Pool tiles come in all sorts of textures and each texture serves a different purpose. The middle of the pool benefits from having smooth tiles to mimic the feel of the water. On the other hand, rougher tiles on the steps or in kiddie pools may be preferable for safety reasons.

What are the different types of swimming pool tiles?

Mosaic (porcelain)

Mosaic pool tiles are the most widely available and inexpensive type of pool tile. They come in almost every colour of the rainbow. Mosaic pool tiles feel smooth underfoot because they are typically made of porcelain. While they are mostly unproblematic, a hard blow to any porcelain tile may cause damage.

Natural stone

Stone pool tiles give a more natural feel to a swimming pool. They generally come in neutral browns or greys, which creates an interesting contrast when paired with conventional blue mosaic tiles. Natural stone pool tiles require more maintenance as they have to be resealed every two to three years to prevent damage from pool chemicals.

Mosaic or stone tiles for the pool?

Mosaic pool tiles would suit households that prefer a swimming pool that is easy to clean. Choosing porcelain tiles also gives more customisation options. However, you may want to opt for natural stone pool tiles if you’re looking to create a resort feel in your backyard. Even if it is used only at the edges, natural stone tiles can transform a conventional pool into a luxurious space.