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Going industrial with polished concrete floors

The idea of decorating with concrete floors can seem intimidating at first, perhaps even impossible to some. However, polished concrete floors are becoming a popular design choice because they are reminiscent of the industrial loft apartments found in New York and London. Warehouse conversions in these cities typically feature the brickwork and concrete floors of the original building, while everything else is renovated to look modern. Consider replacing your current flooring with polished concrete floors to give your home a modern industrial feel.

What are the benefits of polished concrete floors?

Easy cleaning. Polished concrete floors are the easiest floors to clean, hands down. And the more polished the floor, the less likely it is for dirt to be trapped. Any mess can be easily wiped away, which is the dream of all parents and pet owners! Unlike carpet, concrete floors do not trap pet dander and animal hairs.

Longevity. Concrete floors can last up to a hundred years, if not longer. They last longer than timber floorboards because they don’t loosen over time. Concrete floors also last longer than porcelain tiling because concrete does not crack easily. Where concrete has cracked, people have actually polished over the crack and celebrated it as an interesting feature of their homes!

Do concrete floors require much maintenance?

The best way to clean concrete floors is with a mop. When installed in high-traffic spaces, it is best to mop the polished concrete 2-3 times a week to remove everyday dirt. To prevent scratches and degradation of the polish, we recommend using a non-abrasive mop or sponge with a neutral floor cleaner. Use just enough warm water so that the floor is dry within minutes of mopping. Keeping concrete floors glossy all year round only requires re-polishing twice a year, although this is not vital.