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The Advantages of Platform Beds

Are you new to the idea of platform beds? You’ll discover that platform beds can be a smart way to revitalise your sleeping area. A platform bed will give you a warm, comfy place to sleep while adding style to your space.

Platform beds are also popular because they are:

Economical — You don’t need a separate box spring and mattress. The platform bed serves as the box spring. This can equal big savings when you’re shopping for a mattress, too.

Lower than traditional beds — Many sleepers like feeling a little lower to the ground. Plus, if it’s a challenge for you to get into a higher bed, this is the bed for you. You can just lie down on a platform bed without any trouble.

Available in all standard dimensions — You can find a platform bed in any standard size, such as king single, queen and single. You won’t have to go out and get new bedding if you don’t want to — all you have to do is put your mattress on the new platform bed. Of course, since you’re saving on the box spring, you may want to splurge on some new bedding to go with your new bed!

Simple to install — You can put most platform beds together without using any specialised tools or equipment. In most cases, your basic home toolbox should have all the supplies you’ll need to expertly put your platform bed together.

Quiet — Without a box spring and the coils that go with it, your bed won’t be as noisy. Light sleepers love this about platform beds, because they aren’t awakened every time they move! This is especially good for couples as they won’t wake each other up through the night.

Perfect for kids — Children are naturally smaller than adults, and they often prefer a platform bed because they can more easily get on and off of it. Platform beds give them more freedom, and every kid loves that!

Typical Materials Used to Create Platform Beds

The majority of platform beds for sale are made of fabric, steel or timber. However, this doesn’t mean they all look alike. Top-quality makers of platform beds have their own strategies for designing beds that are unique and will become focal points in any room. No matter your style preferences, you’ll find a platform bed to match.