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Pizza Oven - Make a Meal for Two or 12

Outdoor pizza ovens have really taken off as a must-have item for Australian homeowners who love to cook. If you have a patio or garden space to accommodate a wood-fired pizza oven, you should get one! There’s nothing like the flavour of wood-fired pizza, and when you have your own pizza oven, the sky’s truly the limit when it comes to toppings. Try everything from traditional cheese and red sauce pizza to gluten-free pizza topped with veggies and pure pressed virgin olive oil and garlic. You’ll never tire of trying novel recipes and wowing your family members and guests with your abilities!

How to Create an Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oasis

You probably don’t want to just buy a pizza oven and have it sitting alone behind your house. Most Australian homeowners who get outdoor pizza ovens create whole spaces for outdoor dining. These spaces can include:

Flooring — It’s important that you have your wood fired pizza oven on stable flooring. To achieve a balanced floor, you can use anything from decking to pavers. Just make sure that wherever you put your wood fired pizza oven, it’s safe and secure.

Covering — Even if you’re going to your outdoor pizza oven under a roof, such as an awning, you still need to make sure the shelter is adequate. Will the pizza oven be protected from the elements when it gets colder or a summer storm brews? Ensure that your new appliance will be out of harm’s way.

Preparation areas — Rather than preparing your pizzas inside and then bringing them outside to cook, you can always set up outdoor kitchen prep areas. These can be anything from a simple long table or a more elaborate kitchen setup with high-end equipment. Cleaning up is so much easier when you can simply throw your veggies cuts onto a close-by compost pile!

Eating areas – Finally, you need to consider your eating space. Are you going to purchase a more traditional dining set that includes a main table and several chairs to go around it? Or, will you offer comfy seating that is more individualised, such as a few reclining seats, some loveseats and conversational patio chairs around a small table? There’s no right or wrong way to make your outdoor area a stellar place to grab a bite or have a long, leisurely meal.

Wide Varieties of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for Sale to Fit Your Budget

Every homeowner’s budget is different, which is why there are so many models of outdoor pizza ovens. Check out the dimensions of the ones you like, as well as which type of fuel you’ll be using. This will hep you figure out exactly which one is best-suited for your finances and needs.