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Preserve your memories with a picture frame

Picture frames are back! With so many of our memories now hidden away on hard drives, on memory cards and in the cloud these days, more and more people are rediscovering the joys of framing and preserving their pictures and photos; they're now reliving their favourite and defining moments day after day.

"I'll frame that!" It's a phrase we have all said countless times in the past, but now you can say it again by printing rather than saving your favourite digital snaps and selecting one of the many practical, decorative and quality frames in the House of Home range.

Preserve that timeless moment

We all know that a great photo is a way to capture that timeless moment, but instead of keeping it hidden away on a computer or CD, turn it into something you can proudly display in your home. The right frame can bring the most out of any photo, picture or work of art and provide the ideal accessory or decoration for your lounge room or bedside table.

Not just photos belong in picture frames

And it's not just photos and pictures that can be enhanced with a frame, but certificates, awards and children's artworks. Choose the right size, colour, style and material - like graceful metals and pleasant polished woods - and bring the most out of all those memories that deserve more than a place in the drawer. Feeling creative? Mix and match a set of photos in a collage frame and wrap it up for an ideal gift for friends and family.

Frames of every shape, colour and size

A frame, coming in all shapes, styles, colours and sizes, can be the perfect accompaniment to the ambiance and style of your room - the ideal finishing touch to your interior design. Some are simple and elegant, leaving the focus on the picture, whilst others are elaborate and even extravagant - a chance to express your personality and flair. A framed photo will also protect and preserve your favourite photos, so that a memory cannot be lost and in fact, can be handed down from generation to generation.

Haven't got a picture to frame? Discover the trend of framed wallpaper.