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Enhance your outdoor space with pavers

House of Home stocks a range of stylish and low maintenance pavers that will give your patio, pathway or driveway the wow factor.

Pavers are a great alternative to other options such as timber or concrete as these can require continuous upkeep.

Pavers add so much to your backyard – colour, texture, warmth and character – so it’s important to choose a paver style that will suit your home.

The range of pavers at House of Home includes Flagstone, Sandstone, Granite, Slate Stone, Travertine, Bluestone, Basalt and Quartz - available to purchase online or in store.

Tips for installing pavers

• Make sure you know where any plumbing or electrical lines are to avoid digging them up. Once you have the all clear, water the area you are going to dig up for paving the night before, so the soil is softer and easier to move, then dig down about six inches (30 centimeters).

• Lay some landscaping cloth over the area to minimize the growth of weeds amongst your pavers. Pack in each layer of your sand base with a compactor – a smooth, level base is essential.

• Keep the edges of the paved area packed in tight to avoid movement and weeds – use additional pavers or a concrete edging.

• The tone and patterns of pavers can vary, even if they are supposed to be the same! Sort your pavers into smaller groups of matching tones and plot them to gradually blend together.

• Once you have your pavers in place, set them with a layer of sand to hold their positioning. Be sure to buy a few extra pavers in case one gets damaged.

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