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Partition Screens


Partition Screens & Room Dividers at House of Home

Whether you’re keen to separate a large space into multiple seating areas, add dimension to a blank wall or hide an area that requires privacy, House of Home is here to help. You’ll find a diverse selection of room divider screens to suit a range of décor styles, whether contemporary, traditional or eclectic.

House of Home is Australia’s go-to source for the leading trends and design inspirations in furniture and homewares. When you shop at House of Home, you’ll love how simple and convenient it is to find the products, stores and styles you appreciate most. From room screens and furniture to window furnishings and light fittings, House of Home makes it easy to shop — confidently, stylishly and reliably.

Room Dividers at House of Home

Our selection of room dividers includes:

• Screens in natural materials that beautifully enhance the look of any modern space — without feeling cold

• Screens in diverse styles — finding one to love is simple at House of Home, because we carry everything from vintage-inspired and eclectic to cottage and transitional

• Screens in a range of price points — House of Home welcomes shoppers with all budgets, and we love the high-low mix, so browse and discover.

• Screens from your favourite Australian stores — no matter where you are or how you like to shop, getting access to your favourite retailers and sellers is incredibly simple on House of Home

Decorative Screens vs Privacy Screens?

With such a wide variety of screens made from different materials, its worthwhile thinking about whether the partition screen you’re buying if just decorative, or whether it needs to be a privacy screen as well.

• Shoji screens are a popular screen choice. More often than not they are now made from fabric rather than the original rice paper which makes them more durable. Shoji screens are a stylish addition to a room, but the amount of privacy they offer will depend on where the light source is in the room.

• Carved wood screens can be great for adding both decorative flair to a room and creating visually separate areas, just make sure that the design doesn’t have too many openings in it.

• Screens made of wicker or bamboo slats make ideal privacy screens, and can also add texture into a room but are generally less decorative.

• Less traditional but a great way to bring colour and pattern into a room are digitally printed canvas screens.

House of Home makes it delightfully easy to find all your favourite trends, retailers and brands in one convenient step. With House of Home, you can:

• Shop homewares and furniture without taking too much time away from your busy schedule

• Choose between buying online — clicking and collecting — or shopping in-store

• Opt to save loads when you purchase from a trusted private seller or splurge on brand-new furnishings when you buy from one of Australia’s favourite retailers

• Sell your homewares and furniture and start funding your own brand-new look

Find a Look You’ll Love at House of Home Today

Isn’t it time you made your life a little bit simpler? You know what you need — now you just need to purchase it. Make creating the look you love easier and more convenient than ever before and shop at House of Home today.

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