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Find your ideal panel heater

Some surprising benefits to a panel heater

If you think all panel heaters produce the same effect, think again. At House of Home we source unique heating solutions with innovative product offerings. Really make the most of your purchase by choosing a panel heater that ticks all your boxes.

1. Consider panel heater timers

A timer can give you the flexibility to set and forget. You won’t even notice as the temperature drops outside, because your panel heater will prevent the onset of the cold.

2. Question your panel heater emissions

Protect the environment and your family’s health by choosing a panel heater that is not only efficient, but also safe. Zero emission models are available at House of Home to give you peace of mind.

3. Mitigate harm, and protect the ones you love

You can purchase a panel heater that comes with an in-built child lock. By thinking ahead, you can prevent any accidents before they occur. House of Home stocks the safest panel heaters on the market, sourced from reputable suppliers, working to the highest standards of international manufacturing.

4. Work within the space you have

A panel heater is an incredibly flexible choice, especially in awkward settings. House of Home stocks designs that work within cramped spaces, in landscape or portrait, to radiate heat in even the most unusual rooms.

So, choose the right panel heater for your home today, and receive a guarantee that your heating solution will last. Don’t sacrifice power for efficiency, it’s easy to achieve both objectives. Whether you’re inclined to choose an electric or a gas model, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the stylish designs available. Many of the models featured on House of Home include a range of colours, and will work seamlessly into your home with a blend of elegance and functionality.

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