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A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to change, lighten, brighten or improve an indoor or outdoor space.

Paint companies have focused on developing products that make it easier to achieve a great result, and this means that there is a very wide range of painting products available.

Here is a quick guide to help you understand paint terminology and products available on the market.

Interior Paint

Any interior paint from a reputable paint shop should give you a great result – the key thing is understanding the different features – washable in particular is important.

There are different finishes – matte, low sheen, semi-gloss and gloss are all available.

There are also specialist bathroom and kitchen paints.

After that it’s all about choosing the right colour for your room.

Exterior Paint

When it comes to choosing a paint for use in the outdoors, the key thing is understanding how well it will protect your property and for how long.

Preparation prior to painting is key, as is choosing the right paint for the surface being painted – there are specialist roof paints, render and timber paints available on the market.

Ceiling Paint

Ceiling paint is just that – the perfect paint for your ceiling. A great ceiling paint will be easy to apply, hide any discolouration, and as a bonus may only require a single coat.

Trims and Skirting Paint

Painting trims, doors and skirts is like accessorizing an outfit – do it right and it will make your room great.

All trims look best in a high gloss finish, which generally means an enamel paint, although there are water based trim paints available on the market.

Texture and Special Effects Paint

Interior paint has advanced far beyond the choice of low sheen or semi-gloss.

There are now a myriad of paints available that create special effects and textures on your walls to complete your interior vision.

With pearl, metallic (liquid tin, liquid copper, liquid iron, liquid silver), stone finishes, suede, satin, crackles, French wash, or fresco all available, only your imagination will limit the result.

Varnish and Lacquer

Varnish and Lacquer is another category where the number of different types of paint products has increased.

With the choice of clear varnish for floors, wood stains, or even Black Japan lacquer, timber can be finished in a hundred, decorative and eye-catching, ways.

Decking and Timber Finishes

With decks becoming an essential part of outdoor entertaining designs, paint companies have released specially formulated deck finishes.

These products are all about giving maximum protection to the wood and easy application.

Fence Paint

Some paint companies have released especially formulated paint for fences.

These paints are available pre-mixed in common fence colours and are designed to paint on more easily and offer better value.

Garage Floor Paint

If you haven’t painted a garage floor before you probably didn’t realize but there are specialist paint products to deal with the oil, rubber, and heavy duty wear and tear that your average garage gets.

Seeking out a specialist paint will give you a longer lasting finish.

Undercoat Paint

Painting results are all about the preparation.

And for some new plaster, raw wood, and special effects and texture paints, an undercoat is essential.

Sometimes there are no shortcuts to a great result, so remember what your Mum said and if its worth doing, its worth doing well.