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Outdoor Sofas


Enhance your lifestyle with our outdoor sofas

The sky is the limit when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle with the vast range of outdoor sofas available from House of Home. From the simple, single divan to beautiful wicker styles, the right type of outdoor sofa is just waiting to be turned into the ideal place for you to relax outdoors at home.

A lifestyle boost with outdoor sofas is easy

With an incredible range of outdoor sofas available, creating the perfect, functional, affordable and relaxing outdoor space at your place is easy. Which outdoor sofa you should select depends not only on the size and layout of your space, but what you will be doing with it and in what style you want to complete the project. Take a look at our guide to outdoor furniture trends.

From cane lounges to luxury three and five-piece outdoor sofas in a range of styles and colours, every taste and budget is catered for to achieve what you want from your enhanced outdoor lifestyle.

Match your style with our outdoor sofas

Complementing your home's interior design as well as architectural style is also easy with a comprehensive range of outdoor sofas like that found at House of Home. Want your setting and outdoor sofas to match your garden style, flowerbeds, water features and other considerations as well? It's easy with House of Home's impressive range of outdoor sofas.

Planning or constructing your outdoor living project in stages? Take into consideration how your outdoor sofas will complement the other aspects of your plans, which may include awnings, umbrellas, barbecues, gazebos and pergolas. Need to match your outdoor sofa with a new outdoor table? Take a look at our summary of the different styles of outdoor tables available.

Looking through the House of Home range of outdoor sofas might give you ideas for the perfect theme or style for your home, so get browsing, and then planning, for your exciting new outdoor living lifestyle by using our guide.

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