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How to Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has become a very popular addition to the home.

Gone are the days when you would just have a BBQ, perhaps a small preparation bench and a maybe a sink.

These days, everything you find in your indoor kitchen, has now been adapted to suit the outdoor weather conditions. From custom built cabinetry, wine fridges, grills, stoves, mixer taps and bench tops an alfresco area is just as useful as an indoor kitchen.

If you want something for your outdoor kitchen, chances are you’ll be able to purchase it no problems.

Like planning your indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen needs some thought.


Flooring should be a key consideration when planning your outdoor kitchen renovation. Obviously, consider flooring products that are waterproof, non-slip and UV resistant. Flooring such as existing outdoor options like pavers, bricks and concrete are a terrific application for outdoor kitchens.


By providing shelter for your outdoor kitchen, you’re extending your ability to use the outdoor kitchen during inclement weather conditions. There are several options that can be permanent or semipermanent and a solution to suit all budgets. Structures like a timber pergola, shade sails, laser light, wire tracks with a vine running along them etc. all provide great outdoor kitchen shelter.

Outdoor Kitchen Sinks and Plumbing

Consider installing a kitchen sink that is ceramic or stainless steel as these will weather well. Another consideration is your plumbing. Most outdoor kitchens are operated by the homes water supply or fed with a hose.

Cooking Fuel Source

When selecting your cooking appliances, first consider your fuel source. Will you have access to electricity, mains gas, bottle gas or does your cooking fuel source need to be natural fuel like wood. From electric ovens, to gas grills to fire pits with rotisseries and griddles – there is an outdoor kitchen cooking solution to suit all cooking fuel sources.