Ottomans Online at House of Home

Whether you need extra seating, extra storage or you simply want to put your feet up on something comfortable at the end of a busy day, the ottoman might be your answer.

Here’s the answers to the three most common FAQs people ask when buying an ottoman:

What is the ideal ottoman height?

The height of your ottoman relative to your couch is important when you use the ottoman as a footrest. So for ultimate comfort, your ottoman should be the same height as your sofa seat or just below. If your ottoman is higher than your couch it won’t make for comfortable lounging.

Should my ottoman match my sofa?

There are no real rules here. Choose an ottoman that you love, and that works well with your overall room décor. Round, square or rectangular can all work equally well to balance out a space. When you are choosing the colour and material, often having a colour contrast or material difference between your sofa and ottoman will work best. If you have a modular lounge suite maybe you have an ottoman that is part of the overall configuration, so most likely it will match. Adding a large round tray in a contrasting material or colour on top of the ottoman will help to break it up visually.

How can I convert my ottoman to a coffee table?

Often ottomans are made of fabric or suede, and some are buttoned or tufted, none of which are particularly flat or easily cleaned surfaces. So the key thing is converting your ottoman into a coffee table is to add a flat, easily cleaned surface to the top. There are a few options – large trays are ideal, or maybe a board or a piece of glass. If you want to go back to just the ottoman, the tray can be used elsewhere, and the board or piece of glass can be easily stored under your couch. Here are some great ideas on how to style your coffee table..