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Original Prints


How original prints add to your home

The beauty of original prints is you can choose a design, choose a size, and then artists will make it to order. It’s a great way of getting quality art for your home at an affordable price. From abstract portraits to fun oil paintings of frogs, butterflies or birds that add colour and pizazz to your living areas, your home will be enlivened and enriched with each piece you add.

Choosing the right original print for you

Finding the right pieces that suit you, your home and your environment is important. Consider size – if you have a large white wall, large pieces can look fabulous while small ones might be swamped. But smaller pieces can work terrifically in more intimate environments, such as bathrooms. Think too about colours – black and white pieces can add minimalistic style while pastels can be peaceful and vibrant jewel colours bring energy. At the end of the day, trust your gut, go with what you love, and don’t be afraid to mix styles.

Placing your art

So you’ve ordered a piece you love and it’s arrived in its box. Now is the most important part – giving it a home. Your mantle is often considered the hearth of the home, so you could place one of your favourite pieces there. Or work first of all with the walls you consider the main walls in your dwelling.

Consider the lighting you have in your home – move your existing lighting around, or find an area with natural brightness. A well-lit piece can draw much more attention.

Think about textures; it’s fine to have photographs, canvases and oil paintings all on the same wall if the urge strikes you. It’s important to play and give variety within a space.

At House of Home, we have a large selection of original prints available from artists and retailers throughout Australia. Browse our range today to find the piece of art that suits you and your home.

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