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Storage Cabinets for the Office


Office storage cabinets

High quality workplace storage and filing solutions are a must-have in any office.

House of Home can connect you to a large number of retailers across Australia offering functional and stylish office storage cabinets for any business environment.

Office storage cabinets allow you to neatly arrange important documents while ensuring ease of access when needed.

But they don’t have to be considered a boring or mundane piece of office furniture. In fact, office storage cabinets are becoming more modern and stylish, without compromising functionality or ease of use.

Office storage cabinet buying guide:

• Measure the area set aside for an office storage cabinet, and ensure you have left plenty of room to allow you to fully open the drawers.

• The placement of the cabinet is vital – if it will sit under a desk there needs to be leg room left over, if it will be behind a desk it needs to allow for unobstructed access.

• Also consider the shape and height of the storage cabinet – ensuring you can still fit existing office furniture around it and avoid the cabinet blocking windows and doorways.

• Consider the office cabinet style – do you want it to match your existing office furniture or are you happy to go for a completely new look?

• The finish of the cabinet is important, and again can either match existing furniture or purposefully be a different style. Also consider how durable and easy to clean the finish is.

• Also think about what you want to put inside the office storage cabinet – do you need shelving, drawer units or filing systems? If confidential documents will be kept in the cabinet, look for a lockable cabinet for extra security.

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