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Pick the perfect reception desks with House of Home

Every office needs the right reception desk, because it's the face of your workplace and where most customers, clients and visitors will form their first impression of your organisation. It's also where receptionists will perform important tasks that are at the heart of your service delivery, so for all these reasons, selecting the right reception desks is an important choice.

Reception desks are your visual 'handshake'

Reception desks are like the visual 'handshake' you give to anyone visiting your place of business, so it's crucial to get the choice right. Every type of business needs a different reception desk, from the small and functional to the large, grand and luxurious, and House of Home has you covered.

Reception desks 'speak' to your visitors

Reception desks are usually the first thing visitors will see in your office, so they need to 'speak' about what your levels of service, professionalism and values are. The shape, size, materials and colours of reception desks are all crucial considerations, as are all the other furniture and trappings that will be in your reception area.

Getting your reception desk choice right

When you're thinking about what reception desks you need, you need to consider what sort of organisation you are, what sort of space it will be situated in and how well can it be effectively used, and what sort of impression you want it to leave on your visitors.

House of Home then has every sort of reception desk that will be perfect for your organisation and budget, maximising your space and delivering exactly the impression you are seeking to impress your clients. We also want to help you create the perfect office space, so check out our Guide to Planning Your Office Space here. Need some office inspiration? Take a look at our Guide to Home Office Designs & Styles.

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