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Filing Cabinet

Things to consider when choosing a filing cabinet

Vertical or lateral? Most filing cabinets available for purchase are vertical cabinets. They suit small spaces and taller people. Vertical cabinets typically come with 3 or 4 drawers, which accommodates most offices. However, the top of a vertical cabinet is often dead space because it is often out of reach. Lateral filing cabinets, which are wider and lower, provide the same amount of storage and double as another usable surface. For instance, you could set up a coffee station or place a printer atop a lateral filing cabinet.

Wood or metal finish? A metal filing cabinet is undeniably, a filing cabinet. They suit busy offices where people have to source files easily and quickly. Additionally, steel filing cabinets tend to be more fire resistant (although not fireproof). If, on the other hand, you are looking for a filing cabinet that blends into the décor, then a wood cabinet is the way to go. Wood filing cabinets add warmth to workspace while still serving a functional purpose.

Filing cabinets for the office

When buying filing cabinets for an office, commercial quality filing cabinets are a good option. These cabinets are typically made of grey-coloured steel, which makes them able to withhold around 45kg of loading per drawer. Most, if not all, commercial filing cabinets also come with a locking system, which is a necessity for offices handling sensitive information.

Filing cabinets for the home

What is important for a home filing cabinet is mobility and flexibility. For the home office, we recommend a small filing cabinet that moves on wheels. For one, smaller mobile filing cabinets come in warmer finishes that are more suited for a home office. What’s more, mobile cabinets can be easily moved around the room and easily stored under desks when they are not in use. This not only saves space but also allows for more layout options when you need to change up your home office.

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