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Find the ideal workstation or desk for sale online

Desks can be an essential piece of furniture for the home, office, or bedroom. House of Home can help you find the perfect desk for sale from stockists across Australia.

A wide range of desks is available to purchase online including height-adjustable, reception desks, rectangular, workstations, writing desks, and desks with built in drawers and storage.

They also come in a range of materials such as MDF, plastic, timber or a combination of metal and glass.

Key things to consider when buying a desk:

Its important to consider the purpose of the desk before making a purchase. Desks for students or for the home office do not require as much surface space as a workstation or desk for an office.

The surface area is an important measurement, as well as the area available to position the desk. You should be able to access the desk with ease. The position of the desk is also important, to ensure you can connect to power points and fit a comfortable chair as well.

The position of you desk will also determine your view while working – do you want to face a wall or be able to look out a window? If you have a window behind you, will the natural light affect your ability to see the screen?

You may also require extra furniture like a filing cabinet or a privacy screen, so ensure there is room for these if these are something you need.

For a student, the size of the desk can afford to be a bit smaller than a workstation. Often these are in the student’s own bedroom, and so sizing is an important consideration.

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